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Eyecare for you,
dispensed by us.

It’s important to have an eye examination on a regular basis, not only to ensure that vision is satisfactory, but also to check the health of the eyes.

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Eye care plan
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Eye care plan

All our exams are private and we recommend joining our Eyecare Plan which allows you to spread the cost of your exam, whilst offering discounts off glasses and other benefits.

  • All appointments as clinically required

  • Extended clinical procedures appropriate to age and health

  • 10% discount off Spectacles and Sunglasses

  • All visits for emergency appointments covered

  • Servicing, adjustments & cleaning of spectacles at any time

  • Free contact lens trial (normally £60)

  • Free hearing assessment as necessary

  • 10% discount off hearing aids

  • Free eyecare for minors under 18 who live at your address.

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Eye examinations are important

Here at Cameron Beaumont, we give all our clients a thorough 'tailor-made' eye examination by taking full details of any family history, general health issues, previous ocular conditions and lifestyle requirements

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OCT scan

Each exam incorporates advanced testing equipment such as Ocular Coherence Tomography and Optomap retinal scanning to detect eye disease as early as possible.

We see all our Plan members for a full examination at least annually but as often as is required for no extra charge. Much of the equipment involved is not often available in opticians’ practices and this gives our patients the very highest standard of eyecare.


The tests involved bring reassurance and peace of mind to you that everything is being done to ensure that your eyes are in the best of health.

childrens eyecare
Children's eyecare

It is recommended that children have an eye examination by the time they start school, or earlier if you think there may be a problem.


Whilst sight checks can be carried out by GPs or health visitors or even school nurses these checks are not as comprehensive as a full eye examination carried out by an optometrist.


There are many different ways of assessing a child’s vision so do not worry if they are unable to read or have a poor attention span.


Our eye examination are free for any child who has a parent or guardian on our Eyecare Plan or otherwise from just £30.

Visual stress
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Dyslexia and visual stress 

Patients who suffer from reading difficulties associated with these conditions may benefit from an assessment with coloured overlays or lenses.


These have been found to aid people with reading difficulties and allow the signal from the eye to the brain to become ‘unscrambled’ and can significantly improve comfort when trying to read and reading ability.


Please contact the practice for more information.

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